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Lil' Drummer Girl

Jul 21, 2016


Modest Mouse has had over two decades of success in the music business.  Tonight's episode I get the chance to meet their drummer, Jeremiah Green backstage after their sound check where he graciously gives me his time for an interview.

In the mid-90's he also played in several other bands, namely, Satisfact, Red Stars Theory and Peeved. 

Jeremiah proves he is one of indie's best rock drummers. 

Also, check out the footage of Jeremiah and accompanying percussionists:  Davey Brozozowski and Ben Massarella rocking the drums and percussion on the Lil' Drummer Girl YouTube Channel, just click on the link below:


If you'd like to own some of their music for your library, check it out here:

Modest Mouse CD's

Rock On and Rock Out!

Dawn-Marie Mutell