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Lil' Drummer Girl

Apr 3, 2017

I became a fan of Timothy Raines' artwork when I was introduced to it at a fashion show here in St. Petersburg, FL about eight years ago.  I immediately fell in love with his paintings of exotic cars, sports entertainment and exquisitie nature scenes. 

A couple of weeks ago, St. Petersburg hosts the Firestone Grand Prix and it's annual races.  I ran into Timothy at a pre-Grand Prix party where Tim was giving a rare live demonstration of his amazing artwork and was once again in awe of his work.  Timothy's art is housed at the The Gallery which is located in downtown St. Pete WWW.THEGALLERYART.COM and he was most gracious to give me an interview and an in-depth look into his world as he tells us about his inspirations and background of his creations.  Please also check out Tim in action as he paints one of his master pieces while at the Pre-Grand Prix party and the footage also contains Timothy's paintings at the gallery where Tim will discuss his inspirations on some of his works - check out the video here: 

Tim's Video at The Gallery

Timothy has been winning artist since the age of six, receiving many awards and accolades from various competitions. His extensive client list includes:  Aston Martin, Michelin, HGTV, ABC, Major League Baseball (MLB), MLB teams and players and many more.

 Timothy says “I love tapping into the collective imaginations of millions of people, whether it is a moment in sports, or some other moment in history that we will remember in an image for centuries”.

So, take a listen, and check out Tim's interview here.

Be sure to reach out and stay in touch with Timothy and pick up some great art for your home at:

Timothy's Website





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Dawn-Marie (D.M.) Mutell