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Lil' Drummer Girl

Apr 17, 2017

A few weeks ago I attended our local radio station WMNF 88.5's benefit - Karbbyan Kruze Music Festival hosted by Angela B. at Skippers Smokehouse and saw some amazing, talented and fun performers throughout the day.

When Bickley Rivera and Island Chill band came out to play, I was immediately enthralled with her playing on the steel drums and the percussion and groove of the band they were so much fun to listen to.  I couldn't stop moving to the music. 

I had a great chance to meet her and see if she would be a guest on the sow and she agreed.  So, today's episode you will meet Bickley Rivera, the high priestess of steel drums. 

About Bickley:

Bickley Rivera began her recording career in 1985 and branched into the Latin and Caribbean genre when she and her husband, Nelson, formed the group "Cuba Libre" in 1992, where she was keyboardist and lead singer. They originated and produced "Caribbean Madness", the only Caribbean Riverboat Cruise series on the Connecticut River, which sold out for 5 seasons. She transitioned to Steelpan in 2005, training under many seasoned island artists. She has opened for national groups, such as "America" and performed with many other international artists, Tony "Kitch" Paine (son of legendary Lord Kitchner), Jazz singer Joan Cartwright, Eugene Grey (touring guitarist for reggae-star Burning Spear), performed in Trinidad's International Panorama 2015 semi-final competition under the leadership of Andy Narell.

So come take a listen mon' and enjoy the show.

Pick up a copy of Bickley's music here:

Bickley's Music

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Bickley's Twitter


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