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Lil' Drummer Girl

Feb 26, 2018

Today's episode DJ Ry Toast of Tyrone's Jacket is in the house.

She's one of the coolest DJ's around.  Listen today and find out why.

DJ Ry Toast is an LA Based DJ, her style is rooted in NY Hip Hop, but her sound has no boundaries.  She lives for "feel good" music.  She's into funk, soul, R&B as well as modern sounds like Nudisco, Bass, and Moombahton.

She has played with hip hop heavy hitters such as:  DMX, Nas, WuTang Clan and Masta Ace.  She is 1/3 of LA's Hip Hop group:  Tyrone's Jacket and she even has her very own DJ Truck - Sweetbeats LA   

DJ Ry Toast is here today talking about:

-How she got into becoming a DJ.

-How she booked her first gig.

-The challenges of traveling on the road with three people in a van.

-Lessons learned from her first tour while opening for the Dirty Heads.

-How she got into the world of tattoos and so much more.

 Please note there are is some explicit language so if you're listening around the little ones, please be sure to put on your headphones :). 

If you've always wanted to become a DJ and you happen to live in the Los Angeles area or are just going there to visit, be sure to check out:  

Beat Junkies Institute of Sound and bring out your inner DJ or if you're just looking to sharpen your DJ skills or if you're just starting out, you'll be glad you did.

Here's a birds-eye view of DJ Ry Toast and Tyrone's Jacket in action, click on the link below and check out their video of them performing live in St. Pete, FL:

DJ Ry Toast with Tyrone's Jacket Video:

Learn More about DJ Ry Toast & stay in touch:

Ry's Website

Ry Toast on Twitter

DJ Ry Toast on Instagram

Tyrone's Jacket


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