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Lil' Drummer Girl

Mar 27, 2018

Reggae Rise Up, the three-day reggae festival was back in full swing at the Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Rebelution was on the bill on the opening night and their drummer Wesley Finley was gracious enough to give me an live interview before his show. 

Wesley Finley and Dawn Marie Mutell

For those of you who may not be familiar with Rebelution, they are a California Reggae Roots band and it all started in 2004 with 5 guys (Eric Rachmany, Matt Velasquez, Rory Carey, Marley D. Williams and Wesley Finley)who met during college while attending University of California, Santa Barbara all of which getting their degrees in religious studies (Rachmany), Anthropologie (Finley) film studies (Williams), and business economics (Carey). Matt Velasquez is no longer with the band.

In 2007 they released their first full-length album Courage to Grow which would become their breakthrough album.  The album was praised for its crafty melodies, socially conscious lyrics, and savvy musicianship.

The band plays over 100-120 shows a year.  Tours have taken them as far as Guam, Aruba, New Zealand and Europe.

They've played some of the largest music festivals including Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival and have headlined and sold out Red Rocks and the Santa Barbara Bowl.

Rebelution received their first Grammy nomination in 2017 when their album Falling Into Place was nominated for the "Best Reggae Album" award.

Wesley's Drum set kicks butt and consists of:

Wesley Finley Drum Kit

DW Collector's Series

6 PC Cherry Mahogany Drumset:

-7" x 10", 8" x 12", 10" x 14" and

14" x 16" Toms

-6" x 14" snare

-20" x 22" Kick

-6.5" x 14" Black Nickel over Brass Snare

-4" x 12" LP Black Nickel Timbale 

-Zildjian Cymbals:

-16" & 18" A Custom Crashes

-18" A Custom EFX

-20" A Custom Projection Ride

-14" A Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats

-12" K Custom Dark Splash

-6" FX Zil-Bel

Porter & Davies BC2 Tactile Drum Monitor 

Evans G2, G1, and General H Dry Drumheads

Roland SPD-SX, PD-125 Snare Pad and KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

and uses Vic Firth 55A Wood Tip Drumsticks.


Wesley is endorsed by DW Drums, LP Percussion, Vic Firth and Porter & Davies.


Be sure to check out some of his live Reggae Rise Up performance here:

Wesley in Action 

and a portion of the interview on video live here:

Wesley's interview live video


Looking for some great additions to your music collection?  Pick up some of the Rebelution CD's and MP3's here:

Rebelution Music

or grab one of their cool T-Shirts:

Rebelution Merch


Be sure to stay in touch with Wesley and the band:

Wesley on Facebook 

Wesley on Instagram

Rebelution on Instagram


Rock On & Rock Out!