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Lil' Drummer Girl

Mar 31, 2018

Hey there, welcome to today's episode of the Lil' Drummer Girl. I'm stoked because in this episode we get a live interview with Jordan Rosenthal, the drummer of the Fortunate Youth.


Fortunate Youth is a collective of six outstanding musician/producers who have taken the worldwide music scene by storm. They spread inspirational messages of peace, love, and unity. They connect music lovers from all around the globe creating a family of positivity and progressive ideals.


Fortunate Youth was established in Hermosa Beach, California – a popular beach town in the LA County. Four of the six members went to high school together (Jered Draskovich, Corey Draskovich, Travis Walpole and Greg Geleb), linking Mississippi transplant Dan Kelly (lead singer) then adding the drummer, Jordan Rosenthal from Las Vegas.


The band has toured heavily since 2009 with over 20 tours nationwide as well as abroad under their belt and they've released 3 full-length albums, two of which hit #1 on the Billboard and iTunes Reggae charts. “It's All A Jam” in 2013 and “Don't Think Twice” in 2015.


Today, Jordan talks about:


  • How he began playing drums in fourth grade

  • How his family inspired him to play, as his dad, granddad, and great-grandfather all played drums 

  • How he was playing drums and basketball

  • His drum sponsor Dark Horse Percussion and his drum set by Tama Star Classic

  • How he hooked up his gig with Fortunate Youth.

  • How he's taken a stab at singing by recording his own vocal album JDR-Stand on Your Two Feet (see link below and take a listen and check it out)

  • Jordan discusses his favorite bands and what inspires him.

  • How if he were to be reincarnated as Adolf Hitler what he would do if...

And so much more.


Jordan's drum set:


Tama Star Classic Birchwood Drum Set





Custom Snare and Timbale from Dark Horse Percussion (NJ)

Vater drumsticks


So grab your headphones, check out the audio interview and be sure to check out the live video interview below and footage from their live show at the Jannus Live in downtown St. Petersburg, FL:

Jordan Interview Live Video

Jordan Video Playing Live

Stay in touch with Jordan:

Jordan on Facebook

Fortunate Youth on Facebook

Take a listen to Jordan's smooth vocals here: 

JDR Stand On Your Two Feet Album


Rock On & Rock Out!