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Lil' Drummer Girl

Sep 6, 2018

One day I was perusing YouTube when I came across a man covering a Jim Morrison song, I believe it was "Light My Fire" and I was blown away by the amazing likeness in his sound and how much he looked like Jim Morrison from The Doors when he was on stage. 


I immediately began investigating and I found out that it was Reed Barrickman who has a tribute band called The Dirty Doors.  I was so impressed. I looked at their website and read that they were coming into my area to play at the Central Park Performing Arts Center in Largo, FL.

Immediately, I got in touch with Reed and he was gracious enough to give me an interview him before the show.

The Dirty Doors was formed in Atlanta, Georgia back in 2012 to pay tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time - The Doors".  The band consists of 4 members, they are: 

Reed Barrickman on vocals

Matt Boehnlein on guitar

Geoff Lewis on keyboards


Alex Selph on drums (although I saw the original drummer Jason Monseur who was with the band for the first three years and has since moved to North Carolina).  With each of their performances, they bring an electrical energy and excitement that words can't describe.  You must see and hear them to get the big picture.  

The Dirty Doors Live In Action


In Reed's interview today, we cover:

  • How he became a singer.
  • How he found his band members.
  • What inspired him to play one of the world's greatest poets and singers of Rock & Roll history (Jim Morrison). 
  • How he gets into character before a show.
  • How he got found his agent.   

And so much more...

Be sure to check out their show's live videos and song clips at:

Lil' Drummer Girl Website

and stay in touch with them at:

Dirty Doors Instagram

The Dirty Doors Facebook



Rock On & Rock Out!



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