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Lil' Drummer Girl

Sep 25, 2017

Today I have very fun, cool and special guest – Zeb a/k/a Jamey Dakofsky who is the drummer for Tribal Seeds.


Zeb is from L.A. and has been playing drums since he was 8 years and old and by age 10 he was gigging in a punk and classic rock. All the while playing with various musical ensembles, working on Timpani, hand percussion and full drum set.


He attended the performing arts high school in California and by age 20 he was backing his first Reggae artist Mikey Dread H.R. from Bad Brains hand drumming specialist Ras Michael when came back to the states, his career skyrocketed.


He has worked sessions with Grammy award winning songwriters such as Diane Warren (Aerosmith and Leann Rimes) and worked with top producers such as Ashley Ingram (Des'ree), Randy Jackson and Fabian Cooke (“Lion King” Soundtrack).


In 1994, he helped form Detour Posse which has since become the premiere backing band of International Reggae artists from around the globe. Working over 250 shows a year, sometimes he even plays more than one bill on the show (like he did it the night I saw him live with Tribal Seeds, he also played with Fortunate Youth).


In 2011 Zeb performed with Grammy winning artist Shaggy on the Lopez Tonight and again in 2012 on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


I had the chance to see Zeb live first hand several weeks ago. They were playing with Fortunate Youth, and Pepper. The Jannus was packed to the gills and it was one of those hot, hot, humid evenings, and you'd never know it as they rocked the audience all night long.


Zeb was gracious enough to grant me an interview. I was so excite to meet him, because I've been listing to Tribal Seeds for about the past three years now and was really digging their sound. So, to get to watch Zeb play the skins was a real treat. His speed, chops, stamina and agility rocked the house.


Zeb's currently is endorsed by Super Natural Cymbals and Kick Port International. His set up is Pearl Prestige Session Drum Set Select Kit  and Pearl Hardware, Roland SPD-SX, Toca Special Edition Congas, LP Bongos and hand percussion and Pro-Mark 5B Oak Sticks.


Zeb's interview will be already in progress as it was the evening of the show and there may be some background noises as we were in the Green room. So, give it a listen and enjoy!


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Rock On & Rock Out!


Dawn-Marie (D.M).



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