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Lil' Drummer Girl

Aug 17, 2016

In the early 80's my older brother came home from a Queen concert and was raving about this band called Billy Squier.  Of course, he picked up the album, and when he played it and when I listened to it, I immediately fell in love with their music. Needless to say, they really rocked our home in Brooklyn from that day on.

Little did I know, that just a short few years later, I'd get the chance to befriend them and learn more about them and their music. Watching Alan play live was a true musical experience.   

Alan St. Jon is a prolific keyboard player and is an invaluable member of the Billy Squier band, his unique backing vocals and very special keyboard sound is fresh and original.  Their album "Don't Say No" sold over six million copies.

World renowned writer and critic Chuck Eddy's book entitled "The 500 Greatest Rock Albums in the Universe" rated Billy Squier's album "Don't Say No" at number 67 and "The Tale of the Tape" at number 122.

Alan has a long list of accolades and has worked with musicians whether supporting their tour or recording on their albums, the list is too long to put down in words here, but, some of them are:

Cher, Twisted Sister, Ronnie Spector, Foreigner, Ted Nugent, Phoebe Snow, Brian Setzer, Alice Cooper, Tommy Shaw, Iggy Pop, Cinderella, Michael Bolton, Fiona, Paul Young, Peter Wolf, Leslie West, Desmond Child, Elliot Easton, John Entwistle and more.

His extensive recording experience has enabled him to work side by side with a number of Grammy Award winning producers such as Jack Douglas who produced Aerosmith and John Lennon, Andy Johns of the Led Zepplin fame, Mac who produced several Queen albums and Desmond Child who produced Michael Bolton, Bon Jovi and Cher.

Alan latest chapter of his life now includes being an author and illustrator of a children's book series called:  "The Adventures of Moo Moo and the Furry Slippers" a series of children's books to help kids face the daily challenges of life.

Glad you could stop by -- come on in, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Alan's Tweetable with regards to being a musician/artist - Tweet it out Yo!

"If it doesn't make you happy and you don't enjoy what you're doing, then you're not going to be the best at what you're doing"

You can learn more about Alan and stay in touch with him on facebook:

Alan on Facebook

Support Alan's newest venture and pick up the latest copy of the The Adventures of Moo Moo and the Furry Slippers here on Amazon:

The Adventures of Moo Moo and the Furry Slippers Book

Pick up some of Billy Squier CD's and add them to your musical library:

Billy Squier CD's

Rock On & Rock Out!



The Lil' Drummer Girl