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Lil' Drummer Girl

Aug 18, 2016

Way back in the late 80's when I was a nightclub promoter in NYC, I had the chance to promote the Chippendale's all male dance review show.  I don't think I've been to a male dance review show since that time. 

I used to get a kick out of watching the women watch the male dancers and watch how crazed they became.  The nightclub would then open up to the public after the show and I always thought, "the guys at this club tonight are definitely going to get lucky!"

Fast forward thirty years later... it's my good friend's 40th birthday and she invites me to attend a male review show with a group of women who would also be attending to help celebrate her birthday.  I didn't really want to go, but, decided to go for her.  After all, I wanted to help her celebrate her birthday and have a fun night out on the town and wouldn't really be a good friend if I didn't attend.   

Once again, I was in awe of how crazed the women get over these guys.  It was a very fun, energetic show and I was impressed with how much physical work they actually did.  With all the tossing and lifting the women on stage, I didn't know how they didn't hurt themselves. 

While watching the show, I couldn't help but think how interesting it would be to interview one of the dancers and Lenny was interested.  It worked out very well since Lenny is not only "Logan the Cowboy" but he also has a band and does YouTube video instructions for guitarists wanting to learn how to play hard-rock-metal guitar riffs.

Lenny is a dancer with the Florida Thunder dance group which currently performs weekly at the Whiskey North Nightclub in Tampa.  He also does Strip-O-Grams for private birthday, bachelorette, graduation, divorce, parties etc.

He was once a certified personal trainer which got him into body building and won the AAU Natural Mr. Michigan.

If you're interested in booking a party with him, check out:

Book Logan The Cowboy

If you'd like to check out his YouTube Channel:

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Rock On & Rock Out!