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Lil' Drummer Girl

Sep 5, 2018

I met up with Paul Anthony Martini who is the lead singer in the Vertigo The UL2Mate U2 Tribute band.

I saw them at the Central Park Performing Arts Center (if you haven't been there to catch a show, you must check it out, it's a great place to see a concert).  

Paul was gracious enough to take time out from traveling across Florida to meet with me and give me an interview.

Let's just say I was blown away when I caught their live show.  The band consists of:  Paul Anthony Martini on vocals, A.J. Allen on Guitar, Larry Morse on drums and Bobby Silvia Bell on the bass.


Paul not only does the U2 Tribute band, but also does an INXS tribute band as well and has over 8 cd's of originals that he's written and produced. Check out his music at:

Paul on Reverbnation


Be sure to catch Paul performing live with his U2 tribute band here at: where you can catch his live performance and transformation into Bono.


Stay in touch with Vertigo: 

Facebook Fan Page

Vertigo's Website


Rock On & Rock Out!



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