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Lil' Drummer Girl

Aug 9, 2016

Tonight's episode, I speak with Ken K. Mary.  Not only is he an amazing drummer, he also produces, engineers, sings, writes and is also a record label executive.  He's written over 35 albums that span everything from heavy rock to choral music. These albums combined have sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

The list of artists Ken has worked with is endless, but, to name a few, he was the drummer for Alice Cooper and House of Lords; he's worked with producers and engineers with Trik Turner, Megadeth, LaRue,  , The Phunk Junkeez, Hall of Fame inductees The Beach Boys, Northern Light Orchestra, Esterlyn, and more.

Some of the major labels he's worked with include, RCA, MCA, EPIC, CBS, Atlantic, and currently the President of VSR Music Group which is distributed by Capital Records.

He runs his own recording studio called Sonic Phish   and has asked to be the host of the movie " The Drumming Hall of Fame

Take a listen and check it out!

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Twitter - @KenKMary

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Rock On & Rock Out,