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Lil' Drummer Girl

Oct 6, 2016

I met Kana in a very kismet kind of way. One of the things I do to earn a living is event planning.  I was creating a holiday event in 2015 for an amazing IT company with about 250 attendees and was in need of a photographer.  I put an ad up on Craigslist and a man named Curt Leimbach responded to the ad.  We met to discuss the event so we could discuss what I was looking for.  We started talking about things (since I’m also a makeup artist and fashion stylist) and mentioned that I was a drummer.  He said his wife was a drummer.  Right away, I thought of this band Undercover Betty that I saw play at a bike show at the Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurant and he said yes, she’s the drummer.  Immediately I knew I had to meet Kana and get her on the show.  (And, in case you’re wondering, Curt is a wonderful photographer and did an amazing job for the event).

Kana Leimbach is a drummer and percussionist originally from Osaka Japan.  Her first introduction to drums was playing the Bass drum when she was in the 5th grade.  She started to hone her craft when she began playing at 20 years old when she met a drum teacher named Kawase Katshihiko.  She learned all the basic drum patters and skills from him.  She joined an original music rock band called Tin Carvell and also worked with a Chaka Kahan tribute band. 

In 1999 she married Curt and moved to Florida. She slowly moved into the Tampa music scene joining bands such as Red Hawk, Perco Loco All Stars, Magic a/k/a Fencewalk and Bobby G. Summers.  She joined all-female trio band, Undercover Betty in 2013.  They play the great covers along with their own unique original rock tunes. 

Kana received the 2014 Favorite Rock Drummer from the Tampa Bay Music Network and Undercover Betty has received the award for the Favorite Rocking Trio of 2014. Undercover Betty has opened for Vixen, Blondie, Way Land, Gilby Clark and Jasmine Caine.  She also continues to play New Orleans Jazz and Blues with the T-Bone Hamilton Band.

Check out Undercover Betty’s Website and upcoming show dates here:

Undercover Betty Website

And, stay in touch with Kana’s on Facebook here:

Kana's Facebook Page

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