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The Lil' Drummer Girl Podcast

Dec 15, 2016

The first annual Et Cultura Festival , a three day annual festival of music, art and film was held in downtown St. Petersburg a few weeks ago.  I'm just loving the fact that they're doing more art and music related festivals in our town.  I saw that The Hip Abduction was the headlining act for the event.  I wasn't familiar with them so I looked them up on YouTube and immediately fell in love with their sound. They're a Trop-Indie Band right here from our back yard - true native Floridians right from the St. Petersburg area.

I reached out to  Matt Poynter, the drummer for The Hip Abduction to see if he was interested in being a guest on the show and he was more than gracious to offer me not only an interview, but a press pass as well so that I would be able to shoot some footage of the show for our YouTube channel (see link below to see the video).  We met at their sound check the day of the gig.  Matt is such a great guy.  I really enjoyed our time during the interview. 

Matt tours an average of 120 days of out the year and has been the group's recording and touring drummer since 2011.  The band has had progressive success with the latest two albums, self-titled and "Gold Under the Glow" and continues to acquire new fans from around the globe.

What I love most, is the fact that THA are native Floridians and have made it nationally.  Their self-titled album was released and shot up to #2 on the iTunes Reggae Charts and #5 on the Billboard Reggae Charts in 2013.

Take a listen at the link below, and, I'm sure you'll agree that they're sound will instantly transport you to an island in the sun where you can put your feet up, grab a cold one and hang out and watch the waves crash over the sand. 

 Take a listen to their latest album and pick up a copy for your collection:

The Hip Abduction Gold Under the Glow CD

Check out some of Matt's favorite Drum instruments are:

Meinl Dual Crash Cymbal

Crush Snare Drum

18" Zildjian EFX Cymbal

Vic Firth X55A Drum Sticks

Tama Super Star Classics Drum Set

Yamaha Stage Custom Kit

Stay in touch with Matt:

Matt's Facebook Page

Matt's Instagram Page


And, don't forget to check out Matt's performance at the festival here on the Lil' Drummer Girl YouTube Channel:

Matt Poynter Live Footage

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