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Lil' Drummer Girl

Aug 15, 2017

Greetings Gentlemen, this episode today is specifically for you (well some of it can also apply to women), but I'm dedicating this one for you guys out there.


Today is National Men's Grooming Day!

My question for you is this:  Do you take good care of your skin?  I'm not just referring to the skin on your face, but the skin on your body, feet, and hands as well?  What about your scalp? Your ears??

If you're saying, "not really", well then listen on.  Today I'm going to cover how we can keep all of the above in great shape and in the process you may actually look years younger.  So listen on.  

I've been a makeup artist since I was in my teens and I've been studying skincare since then as well.  

I've also studied under the best skin technicians and skincare companies like Estee Lauder's Clinique Brand, MAC and Bobbi Brown.  

There's so many ways we can easily take good care of the largest organ in our bodies -- our skin.  First is to know what your skin type is.  There are 5 main skin types:  Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination and Sensitive Skin.

With Normal Skin it's just that, no dryness, no shine, no breakouts, etc. Dry skin is when you have flakiness, tightness after you wash your face. Oily skin is when there's too much oil production and you are constantly looking very shiny.  You may even have oily hair.  Combination skin is when your T-Zone (your forehead, nose and chin) may be oily and your cheeks are dry or normal.  Then there's sensitive skin where you find that any harsh chemicals or fragrance can make you break out.   Once you know which skin type you have you can find the ideal products to keep your skin looking it's best.  

There are many products and things we can eat every day that can wreak havoc on our skin.  For instance, eating too much sugar, or drinking too many sugary beverages or drinks can irritate our skin by causing breakouts and also will give you wrinkles that much more quickly.  Smoking is another no, no.  It will cause premature aging of your skin.  So, if you're a smoker, think about the benefits of quitting today: Not only will you have less wrinkles in your skin, you'll breathe easier, give your heart a beating chance and not smell like a dirty ashtray AND you won't hurt your loved ones any longer by not giving them second hand smoke (I'm only saying this cause I used to be a smoker myself and I couldn't be happier that I've quit and yes, I know it's one of the hardest things to do but when you do, you'll be amazed at why you never did it sooner).

Back to cleaning your skin.  When you don't cleanse your skin with the proper cleansers or you're not using a daily moisturizer it will hinder your skin's collagen production (and we need collagen to keep it's elasticity and to keep wrinkles at bay).  Even if you have oily skin you should use a moisturizer.  Clinique has their yellow famous moisturizer called Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer and there's one for oily skin called the "gel" formulation.  

Our skin needs moisturizer so drinking at least 8 tall glasses of water a day will help keep your skin plumped and look less dried out like a raisin.  Instead your skin will look like a peach, firm, fuzzy and beautiful.  


When you wash your face, do you just use plain old soap and water?  If so, please stop immediately.  You're drying out your skin.  Try a mild cleanser, moisturizer and a weekly masque. Here are a couple that I really love for men's skin:

Clinique's Men's Face Wash

Clinique Repairwear

Face Masque


Now I know one of the main differences in skin care between men and women is that you have the daily shaving routine.  Or, if you're sporting a beard, there's maintenance there as well.  


A few products that I found that men really seem to love are:

Bossman Beard Kit

Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax

Jimmy Beard Oil

Beard Clippers & Shears


Now onto hands and feet.  Do you take care of your digits?  Do you work with your hands?  Do you feel getting manicures is too feminine, for girls only?  Well guess again.  I've seen more and more men getting manicures at the salon.  But, if you still feel uncomfortable you can do one for yourself at home.  Here are a couple of products to get you started:

Sally Hansen Vitamin E & Cuticle Oil will help keep dry cuticles soft and looking less beat up.

And, if you have very dry hand, try 

Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand Cream  which will help keep your hands soft to the touch.  


Let's not forget our tootsies.  We wear shoes that get wet, or, worse, we take showers in lockerrooms at the gyms that aren't always the cleanest of places, where bacteria breeds and the last thing you need is a toe fungus.  If so, this product I've used works quick and is very easy to apply.  Just be sure to dry your feet well, spray it on every day and you'll be amazed that in a few weeks you'll see a huge difference.  Footlogix Fungal Spray  or, if you have cracked heels, this product helps heal them quickly: Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula.

Manscaping is the new thing.  Unlike women where we just pop into a salon at any time to get waxing done.  Some of you men out there may not feel as comfortable and one product that you can use at home that is painfree and easy to use is Nair Men's Hair Remover Cream.  Please do a patch test in small area first to be sure you don't have any skin sensitivity or reaction to it.


Don't forget about the hair that grows in the places we don't want hair to grow, for instance, your nose, ears and eyebrows will always need maintenance and care.  Be sure to check out this one tool to help with ease:  Conair Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer


If you're one who makes a living working outdoors, then you must be sure to protect your skin everyday --even when it's overcast outside, you still can get those nasty damaging rays which will wreak havoc on your skin. Not only can you get skin cancer but also will cause premature aging.  So check out the Neutrogena Sunblock for Sensitive Skin SPF 100  


Now, wow, you're probably saying that's a real laundry list.  But, it's not as bad as you think.  The last thing I want you to think of is about smelling nice for your partner.  One of my favorite male scents is Kouros Body Men Spray by Yves St. Laurent


OK guys, you're on your way to looking great, smelling and feeling great.


Rock On & Rock Out,




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