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Lil' Drummer Girl

Feb 16, 2018

Today’s episode is an in-depth interview with NYC artist Gwyneth Leech.  Gwyneth is well known for her artwork on used coffee cups.  She's studied at the Edinburgh College of art in the UK.

Gwyneth has exhibited over 850 coffee cup art works in specific installations.  It all began in 2011 in the Window Space for Public Art on West 39th Street in the infamous NYC’s Garment District.  Her presence at work in the window was an instrumental part of the project.  From there, she went onto the Anthropologie window display in the UK during the London Art Festival.  Today, she now has over 1,001 coffee cup stories.  Check out her live in action on this awesome video:

Anthropologie Installation Video

Gwyneth also speaks on how she got started and how she got a chance to do work on a two year collaboration designing porcelain coffee cups with the Anthropologie stores.

Gwyneth says “When I don’t have art in my life, I have a huge amount of misplaced energy.  I just can’t imagine my life without art”.

Although she still loves drawing on coffee cups, she’s found a new inspiration for her artwork.  She now paints the construction of high rise buildings in New York City as they are being built.  Check out the short documentary The Monolith directed by Angelo Guglielmo here:

The Monolith Video

Her latest exhibit will be held February 16, 2018 through March 31st.  It will be held at the Kaufman Arcade at 132 West 36th Street in Manhattan where  she will show 20 of her most recent paintings that cover various NYC construction sites.  If you live in the city or are planning to visit, you must go see the show, you will not be disappointed.


So take a listen and join us on Gwyneth's magical artistic journey.


Be sure to stay in touch with Gwyneth and learn more about her:

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