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Lil' Drummer Girl

Oct 4, 2018

Do you have a marketing calendar for your business?  If not, why not?  

A marketing calendar is important to your business because if you don't schedule it on the calendar it will probably never get done.

Having a marketing calendar is a very important tool for your business.  And, if you think because you are an artist or a performer that you're not a "business person" think again.  Your art IS your business and you are the face of it.

The world of business today has changed tremendously and marketing has also changed a lot since I had my first marketing job working with Polygram Diversified Entertainment (which Jon Scher ran and is no longer in business), they were the portion of the label that handled merchandise for their roster of artists. 

My second stint in marketing was with Redcats, USA.  They owned several fashion catalogs including La Redoute, Chadwick's of Boston, Lane Bryant, Jessica London, Big & Tall for Men and Brylane Home. The one thing these jobs taught me was that it was imperative to market to the right audience and have the right products to do it.

So, today's episode will cover a few tips on how you can get started and also discuss:

-How to put together a marketing calendar

-Why using a daily planner is key to your success.  Here's a free planner you can download to get started

7 Day Daily Planner

-What you should look to do in your business every day of every year.

-How to begin building your email list and why it's important.

-Why you should add more video to your marketing calendar

and more.

So grab your favorite drink, whether it's a green tea, latte or a cappuccino and enjoy.


Happy Marketing!!





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